Culture In The Dark Ages

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People often refer to the Middle Ages as the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages was the period of time in Western Europe between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Italian Renaissance. This Medieval period was a time of darkness and decay where Western Europe’s society collapsed. The Dark Ages is an accurate label because Western Europe’s culture, economy, and demographics deteriorated during this time period.
The culture in Western Europe was affected negatively by The Dark Ages. Education was not a priority and the the church worried that people would begin to question their beliefs the more people were educated. So, the rulers took away all education in belief that it would help, but “It was not until the end of the Middle Ages that the rulers began to realize that without education they would just continue to make the same mistakes over and over again and would never reach peace for their society” (Newman, Culture). People suffered from lack of education all throughout the Middle Ages, until it was finally brought back towards the end of this time period. Culture and society were controlled greatly by the church. It was not a good time to have beliefs that differed from the church, “The culture in the Middle Ages was extremely limited due to strong restrictions placed on society by the church” (Newman, Culture). The church caused obstruction and delay to culture because they were afraid people would question their beliefs.
Food, money, and clothing were limited in Western
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