Culture In The Igbo Youth

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come in contact with all these concepts their languages because they come in contact with all these concepts and materials all the time, however, the writer states that it does not interpret the ways people lose their language. The writer observes that not all countries are equal in the global economy. For example, Africa does not participate fully in global commerce. As a result, they are subjugated by the prominent languages of trade French, English language and other languages of world trade and are expected to use the languages in business engagements. Though they speak local languages in the local setting, to separate them from the language of commerce, they have to speak the global language to be accepted into the world economy.The writer…show more content…
According to the research ,these lifestyles are adopted by the Igbo youth, for example, the adoption of nudity among Igbo youths has become tenacious among other cultural, social vices. The new media have made them abandon their traditional culture to the type shown in the media by Western interests. The action is a deliberate acculturation forced on the Igbo people through the Western media, freely and readily available for their consumption. The resultant effect will be the abandonment of the traditional ways of life for what is inevitable and in vogue. The world is dominated today by America and Europe who in the guise of freedom of expression propagate anti-culture with the help of the new media. The Igbo youth has come to accept this as a way of easy and adorable life.Information knowhow in the carrier of cultural expansionism (Ya’u, 2005) and Frith & Sengupta (1997) said that new media had ‘’prompted a direct traffic of information from the powerful countries to the less important countries’’ (p.86), to a dormant audience who are at the acceptance end of media consumption. It has a vast consequence on the other countries because it damages their principles. Generally, their research points out that the Igbo language is under the influence of…show more content…
Without adequate analysis, no convincing conclusion can be drawn on this subject. While multiple studies of different scholars have looked at the influence of the new media, the first four studies used in this work have received attention in this study because they focus on the areas of concern. In general, these studies try to see how the media can control and determine people’s life. The two theories used are Cultural Imperialism Theory, whose main proponent is Herbert Schiller and Technology Determinism theory whose proponents are Thorstein Veblen, Clarence Ayres and popularised by Marshall

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