Culture In The Philippines Essay

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In a globalized world where everything has become standardized, culture of a country becomes the reason why market research is required and defines why some brands exist in a country whereas others pack and leave hastily. Culture is the by-product of hardened beliefs of a set of people who define themselves separately from others. Behaviour is just a minor functional aspect of that culture. For example in Japan, the culture is more towards individualistic nature and therefore the behaviour exhibited by Japanese involves pride and respect over material wealth, whereas in countries such as Philippines the culture is more oriented towards family and community. Therefore in Philippines the behaviour is more extroverted and probing. When marketers…show more content…
According to Hofstede the patriarchal culture and masculinity are oriented more towards achievement and success whereas the matriarchal culture or femininity is oriented towards people and status does not hold such importance. Once again if we see Japan, it is more patriarchal. When Avon cosmetics sold their first line of perfume, it was not a success because the product was heady and too strong. Japanese women preferred a lighter scent and their husbands did not like heady aromas. As a result Avon cosmetics were a disaster in Japan (Marketing blunders by American companies in Japan).The perfume did not click with the women as their husbands did not like such strong perfumes. Procter and Gamble introduced Camay soap in Japan. The company released an advertisement where the husband was peeking as his wife was taking a bath using the Camay soap. The advertisement was criticized heavily not because it was western but the fact that Japanese men did not stare at their wives as they were taking a bath. Also Japan was a highly individualistic nation andrespected privacy. This did not go well for Procter and Gamble. All the above mentioned examples illustrate that no matter how standardized a product can get, it cannot change the belief of a society which has been following a certain set of rules for generations. If P&G had decentralized its operations in Japan instead of controlling it from USA then perhaps they would have gained market share more
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