Culture Literature Review

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Chapter 2: “Literature Review”

The idea of the convergence and divergence of work values beliefs and culture has been there for several decades and is one of the most important debates carried through time. Organizations have struggled to understand the factors affecting the diverse nature of work values and culture. It is believed by many that one of these factors includes the National Culture too. Many studies have been carried to dissect this fact whether the National culture has an impact on the Organizational culture or not.
Culture is defined as the shared system, beliefs, values and norms practiced by a group of people. National culture or country culture refers to the shared beliefs held by the people living as one nation or in one
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Studies don’t always see the overall impact of country culture on organizational culture; in few ones, empirical research was done to find how much different factors (ethics) of organizational culture is affected by country culture (as an independent factor) which shows both have some relations and same party of organizational culture might have different meanings for two persons from two different countries . Angling from the same point of view, another study suggests that different single factors of country culture impacts on how a person behave in an organization but these changes sometimes suit an organization and sometimes not…show more content…
The culture of developing countries especially posed opposition for OD techniques to be applied in organizations operating in developing countries. The cultural values of the countries outside North America like Japan, India, Pakistan , Nigeria has been discussed and a model has been presented that highlights these differences using the Hofstede five dimensions model. The Hofstede model provides a helpful insight into cultural values of different countries, it helps in easy grouping of organizations and countries and then picking out the similarities and differences. Hence the model will be taken forth to continue the study and cluster country cultures and organizational cultures to have a comprehensive comparison between two, this will help in easy identification and

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