Culture Of Control

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Culture of control is something that can make things go smoothly or make things go not as smoothly. Usually good cultures of control are successful while worse cultures of control are not as successful. With that said, the objective at hand is to describe both the United States and Soviet Union’s culture of control used on their scientists, people and allies and explain which was more effective and why. The paper will start off by explaining the two different countries cultures of control. This will include the topics of propaganda, treatment of people and workers, as well as how each country went about dealing with their “Germany”. After that, the paper will explain why the United States had a better culture of control, and why the Soviet…show more content…
The concept of “Stalinism” was implemented all throughout the East German region. According to lecture, the Soviets forced nearly 3,000 specialists to go to the Soviet Union (Lecture 3/30). The Soviets had also dismantled all of the places in East Germany and moved them to the Soviet Union, which did not go well at all. Lastly, the working conditions the Soviets forced upon the people of East Germany were inhumane. They forced the people in East Germany to dig for Uranium for the Soviet bomb project (lecture 3/30). The culture of control the Soviets put on the people of East Germany and the people of the Soviet Union for that matter, was basically forced slave like tactics, which was…show more content…
First off, as mention before, the treatment of the scientists in the Soviet Union were horrendous in nice terms. It is said that any scientist that was to go against Stalin’s thinking would be sentenced to punishments such as labor camps and prison, and sometimes even death (Kremenstov 10). Secondly, the way the Soviets went about their war propaganda to their citizens was completely wrong. Unlike the United States defensive approach, the Soviet’s stressed the importance of the nuclear and space race for hostile and aggressive reasons, such as destroying capitalism and the west completely (Kennon). There were a couple of different reasons nuclear propaganda was not too successful in the Soviet Union. The first reason was because the use of nuclear energy had not been used for any general purpose during that time (Josephson 22). The second reason had to do with the fact that the United States being dominant in the nuclear sector and as a result of that, the Soviet people felt they could not compete with the Americans on that. The third and last reason had to due to the physical dangers that came along with the constructing and using of nuclear energy (Josephson
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