Culture Quilt: Chinese New Year

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Culture Quilt Traditions-Chinese New Year According to my mother, Chinese New Year started when in a village town, there was a beast attacked the village and eat their crops and livestock. The villagers came together and decided to make a lot of noise to scare the beast away and it worked. Because of that, the villagers decided to celebrate every year by making loud noises and setting off firecrackers so the beast would not come back. This is the myth that Chinese New Year is based on. Chinese New Year happens in January or February, based on the Lunar Calendar. The Zodiac changes every year with one out of the twelve animals. The way my mother celebrates it is the day before the fifteen-day celebration starts (but most people get the first three off), you eat as much food as you can afford with your family as a sign of wealth, prosperity and togetherness. Most people give red angpows filled with money to kids with the hope that they will grow up strong and healthy, it is very uncommon to give angpows to people over 21, the year people become adults in Chinese culture.

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