Culture Shock In Native American Culture

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Culture shock is a feeling insecurity, confusion, and anxiety that a person experience when they are unfamiliarity with a different culture customs, belief, values, language, and norms. When experience culture stock the person we feel culture shock because the new culture has different norms from our own; which these new norms we don’t know how to act appropriately in our new environment and the people in our new environment act differently than what we are used to. Also for people who have fantasy about a country will feel unhappy and confused if those fantasy didn’t turn out as they had thought it would. When cultural shock happening same people might becoming homesick, starting to withdrawal or spending time with people who are the same…show more content…
Which can be found in Native American culture. In Korea it common to share food and speak with honorifics depend on the age and gender.
Reverse culture shock is coming home after being in a new culture or environment have a difficult time readjusting to the culture of their home country. An example of reverse culture shock is when someone telling someone about a foreign place or used foreign language expressions or words in their native language conversation. When experience reverse culture shock you will have a change in values, goals, priorities, and attitudes, might have negativity towards your native culture, and missing people and places from your new environment or culture.
To manage reverse culture shock you can follow these tips:
• incorporating the knowledge, skills, and perspectives you've gained by being live in a new culture or
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