Culture Shock In Vietnam

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Introduction Learning and teaching English has been becoming popular in many countries using English as Foreign Language (EFL), and the fact is that there are more and more Western teachers going to Asian countries for teaching English. However, when teachers and students come from different cultures, many difficulties the foreign teachers meet easily realized in the classroom. These can be due to different social positions, to interaction teacher/ students, etc. This paper begins with cultural aspects that make overseas lecturers shocked when teaching in EFL contexts in Vietnam and then presents some potential solutions to adapt the culture shock and deal with these difficulties through answering to two research questions: 1. Why do overseas lecturers find it shocked when working in Vietnam? 2. What strategies can be adapted to MINIMIZE culture shock? Literature Review We would like to give some suggestions for adapting culture shock to help foreigners overcome the trauma, we must well aware of the causality of culture shock. It is no doubt we have to understand in advance its definition as well as stages of that phenomenon. According to Kalvero Oberg (1950s), culture shock is described “the phenomena people might experience after moving to a new environment, the feeling of disorientation experienced by a person suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture or way of life. Culture shock is difficult to identify. It does not appear suddenly. It rather builds up slowly and is
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