Cultures And Roles Of Food And Culture In Indonesian Culture

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1. What role does food play in Indonesian culture? Describe one custom or ritual involving food in Indonesia culture. Food in Indonesian culture plays many roles. It illustrates some of the cultural influences in Indonesia and plays important role in rituals and norms of the society. Indonesian food also serves as a symbol of the society. Food in Indonesian culture also brings people together. The members of the culture are connects by their food. One ritual involving food in Indonesia culture is Ramadan. Ramadan is when Muslim Indonesians fast from sunup until sundown for thirty days. They may wake up very early to eat before the sun rises and gather together with others to feast after the sun has set. At the end of the thirty days, family and friends share food treats with one another. This practice connects people and reinforces cultural norms. 2. Indonesia has experienced a great deal of cultural diffusion. Where are some of the areas where this can be seen? Describe a specific example and what culture(s) contributed to the cultural diffusion. One area where cultural diffusion in Indonesia can be seen is in the religions of the people who live on the islands as well as their languages. For example, the abangan is a blend of Islam, Hinduism, and kejawen, which is an ancient belief. In this way, Islam and Hinduism are two cultures that have contributed to cultural diffusion in Indonesia. In addition to the abangan religion, other people in Indonesia practice Santri,

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