Culver's Mission Statement

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Culvers first opened its doors in Sauk City Wisconsin in the year of 1989. Craig and Lea Culver sensed it was destiny to open this restaurant with Craig’s parents. With the love of food and Custard, Culvers was created in the image of this family, even down to the mission statement which says “Every guest who chooses Culver’s leaves happy.” The family of Culvers focused their business around their customers. Everything had to be made with the best and finest ingredients, hospitality was crucial, and commitment was held in the hearts of all who helped build Culvers into what it is today. Not only that but the mission of Culvers has stayed the same since opening. Culver’s has stated this all on their website but is it true outside of the webpage.

The mission again states that every guest who chooses culver’s leaves happy. Who better than to verify this statement but the people who
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As a past manager myself it is safe to say that the current generation of workers do not hold such values in their hearts. The passion for the job has to be there or you will end up with people who don’t care to serve cold fries to a paying customer, employees that don’t bother to go around to ask you how your meal is, or employees that will send a burnt burger into the hands of a customer. Hiring the right type of people is hard, but to ensure everyone leaves happy is a must.

Regarding time consumption and prices, we as consumers decide how much money we are willing spend on an item. We also decide how much time we are willing to invest on said item. Culvers makes burgers fresh and made to order, and also all prices are listed. Sadly, you can’t please everyone.

In closing I have to say that Culvers does follow its mission statement on a quality side, but when it comes to other aspects of the business, they could use some work to help fulfil that
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