Cumberland Farm Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography
Belanger, M. (2009). A Fresh Start. Convenience Store News, 45(9), 45-46. M. Belanger shows that Ari Hasetoes, the new president of Cumberland Farms, Inc. Made changes within the company for a new era. He updated the logo, but still stayed true to the 70 year old heritage of the convenient store. The new logo promotes its fresh food line which fits in with its new customer-oriented strategy. The author also elaborates about the company’s food service. Updating the coffee stations, soda bars, and offering more selections, likewise, are showcasing their own private labels of products at valued price.
Belanger, M. (2009). Best of Both Worlds. Convenience Store News, 45(1), 20-27. The author, Belanger, M., elaborates …show more content…

Lofstock believes that Cumberland Farms, Inc. has strengthened their position in the northeast with the acquisition of 200 more stores. Gulf Oil will also get the distribution rights to the Exxon- branded fuel. This is a joint venture between Cumberland Farms and Gulf oil that will be a win –win situation for both companies. Cumberland Farms sees it as a way to get there products and services, under their brand, to more customers.
Lofstock, J. (2009). Cumberland Farms Unveils Northeast Prototype. Convenience Store Decisions, 20(4), 14. J. Lofstock reveals the opening of a new Cumberland Farms prototype in Connecticut. The new store is customer and food service focused. Keeping with the heritage of the company, it will focus on fresh foods. The store will deliver value on products and have a friendly staff presence. Gulf Oil will be expanding its presence in 11 states from Maine to Florida. The gas company will be introducing gas saving incentives with other retail companies to increase customer traffic.
Powell, P. (2002). Convenience Stores Depend on Efficient Equipment. Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News, 217(6), …show more content…

The case gives homage to the success of offering valued products, good customer service, and clean stores. The added success to Cumberland Farms 1000 plus stores is its quality refrigeration. The stores changed over from a water-cooled unit to a 3-hp Beacon system. This system maintains constant control, and saves the company money while being more efficient.
Ridik, E. (2013). Cumberland Farms Awards Scholar ships. Convenience Store Decisions, 24(9), 98. Erin Rigik, an Associate Editor, boasts about the Cumberland Farms scholarship program. The Believe and Achieve Scholarship program gives out scholarships in the 11 states that their convenience store operates in. He reveals the importance of the company giving back to the community, especially in scholarships. Students within 30 miles of any Cumberland Farms can apply.
Wilson, C. E. (2003). Constant improvement boosts efficiency in fuels deliveries at Cumberland Farms. Modern Bulk Transporter, 66(4),

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