Cummings Elementary Classroom Observation

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question she would ask her students was to recall the steps to dividing. Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners were provided with YouTube videos displaying the steps of how to divide, counting songs, and worksheets to use during the lesson. In order to have the students fully engaged in the learning the teacher allowed each student to participate in the lesson and allowed them to help each other out when struggling with a question. She also engaged each child to participate on the smart board. Periodically, she did have to remind her students about the rules and the consequences that arise from not following them. She addressed to her students that she would reward each pupil at the end of the week for good conduct and in return the student will be rewarded with a gift, but if the student doesn’t follow the rules she/he will then loose the opportunity to receive a gift. In order to involve the parents in the classroom the teacher would make calls to report the student’s progress and classroom behavior. I was able to view the teacher’s effectiveness by the students’ participation in the lesson. They responded to her…show more content…
I learned so much from the four different grade level teachers and students as well. These students are loving and caring. I was able to experience the different atmosphere from the three different grade levels. I learned how each student from different ages and grade levels act and how to respond to their behavior and learning. Despite being the end of the summer school session these students showed great enthusiasm to learn. The school staff was friendly as well, and made me feel welcomed. During my visit I contributed with helping the students to count beyond their own personal expectations. I interacted with them in their learning and brain break activities. It was rewarding to see how content the ESL Pre-K’s students felt knowing they can count past

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