Cupcake Image Analysis Paper

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Part 1 The use of rectangular box here is to make it look more precise and structured. This shape had create an abstract background, emphasis, well-organized and structured, and add a visual interest to this brochure. This part has been used to describe in detail about the cupcake business and about the company. The flow of this page has been arranged respectively from the rectangle box, text and images. Typography of this part reflects the chronology of the company, why it is established, reason behind the name of the company and complete description of the company. The description of the company has been created by me. The image has been taken from Google and Cupcakes websites. In this part, I had inserted the found art which is the birthday…show more content…
The focal point of this page is the image of the wedding cupcake. This is because the image creates an impact and the size of the image is big and it emphasizes the focal point of the page. Proper alignment has been used where the images, text and borders are arranged accordingly to the layout draft. The reason why lots of images has been used here because to show the end product of the cupcakes as well illustrating to the reader about the cupcake that has been successfully sold out. The first image was taken from Google where as the second image and the third image has been taken from my friend cupcakes pastry sites. The same found art has been inserted in this part. Other than that, the title for each section has been inserted a banner in order to make it look well-structured and organized. Part 3 The information given in this part has been adapted partially from the Internet. The use of the image is intended to convey a message to the reader. The process of delivering the message can be divided into three stages: exposure, assess, and considering (Rushd et. al, 2013). For an example, the images used in this part convey lots of meaning of what a cupcake is really is. At the same time it persuades the
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