Cupcake's Influence On Abortion

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All through the book we learn that Cupcake has many abortions. The first time Cupcake found out she was pregnant she was very happy. It seemed like this pregnancy was going to make her change to be a better person. Having someone to help her with the baby and guide her through her pregnancy and help her raise her baby would have influenced her to do well. When she found out she was pregnant, Cup was happy that she was going to have someone to love her and someone she could love (Brown 86). For the first time she felt compelled to have to take care of someone and change for good. She wanted to keep her baby, being the most valuable thing to her. Cupcake enjoyed being pregnant and it made her happy. She stopped drinking and only smoked weed while she was pregnant (Brown 85). By her quitting to drink alcohol while pregnant meant that she wanted to change and be a good mother. She was slowly starting to change. Having that baby would have made her change her older ways, since, she had somebody to look after. Succeeding the beat up by the other foster girls, Cupcake was in immense pain. Unfortunately, she was losing her…show more content…
She really wanted to keep her baby. She needed someone to guide her in how to be a good mother for her child. Later, Cup thought of having a baby but then realize that she didn’t have anybody to help her care for the baby, that she didn’t have a mother to help with the baby so she decided to never have children (Brown 152). She didn’t see anything good of having a baby without the baby having a grandma to love it and spoil it (Brown 152). If someone like her mother, grandmother or a good role model would’ve helped Cup with the baby and teach her how to be responsible with the baby. She wouldn’t be using drugs and alcohol, she would have been a good mother and do her best to be a good role model for her
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