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History The dance my group has chosen was the Cupid Shuffle. I researched the history of the Cupid Shuffle. It was written and sang by Bryson Bernard whom stage name is “Cupid”. He had earned his nickname when he performed/sang for the Sam Cooke’s 1960’s single hit “Cupid”. The song Cupid Shuffle was released on February 13, 2007. What inspired Cupid to write the Cupid Shuffle was that before every performance he would always do a line dance and he saw how the crowd had reacted to that and decided he wanted to create a modern-day line dance. Cupid’s was born on October 10, 1982 in Lafayette. He went to the University of Louisiana with a full scholarship for track and field. Cupid had left his track and field team to form/create a singing group…show more content…
And the Breaksk8 had also danced to the Cupid Shuffle. They performed at America’s Best Dance Crew. The Breaksk8 are dancers who dance on skates. Also the Cupid Shuffle was in the movie “Jumping the Broom”. A fun facts about Cupid is that he was the driving force behind CuRobiks. After he was on the road supporting his music he gained a lot of weight. This concerned him especially since his home state had the highest rate of obesity. A fun fact about the song Cupid Shuffle was that a lot of people had mistaken the lyrics “Down, down, do your dance, do your dance” as “down, down, do your dad, do your dad”. Dance Steps for “The Cupid shuffle” In the song Cupid shuffle there are six steps to the dance of this song.The steps are, first wait for the music. Next, as you are on beat step four times to the right as directed in the song.Then to the left you step four times as the song continues. Fourth, kick your right leg then your left repeat this step twice. Fifth, you walk in place and as you’re walking in place turn left. While you’re walking in place you can shake your hips to the beat of the music. The sixth and final step would be to repeat the steps over again every time you make a turn while walking in place. Song

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