Cupid Symbolism

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Cupid is the Greek god of love. He also goes by the name Eros which means love and desire (Mark Cartwright). Cupid is usually represented as a winged, chubby, naked infant. People say he resembles an angel. We best know Cupid for representing Valentines Day. His symbols were: bow and arrow and lyre. (Mark Cartwright) He is also associated with roses, torches and doves which have all become symbols of love (Mark Cartwright). When we see his appearance, he is sometimes throwing darts or catching a butterfly (Mark
Cartwright). He is usually shown with his mother. There are very few representations of him as an adult (Mark Cartwright). Cupid’s weapon is a bow and arrow. Anyone hit by one of Cupid 's arrow did not die but fell
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Christian influence changed his nature to both heavenly and earthly love (Geller). During the Renaissance, a interest in philosophy gave him meaning (Geller). In the Renaissance is when poets and writers started writing and painting him (Geller). It has come to believe that the fairytale Beauty and the Beast was based off Eros’ and Psyche story (Geller). Today, more people have wrote about him such as Edgar Allan Poe and so many more, they even have songs and movies that involve Cupid (Geller). Today, Cupid is a recognizable figure for love (Geller). Eros is an inspiration for human emotion (Geller). Cupid was one of the popular gods because all his stories were based around love and other emotions (Geller). His stories were interesting and were relatable, his stories also taught morals (Geller). Eros was known to be the fairest of the gods…show more content…
I think the hardest part about being cupid would be, trying to make everyone happy and not making it all about me. If i were Cupid I would probably try to use my own arrows on myself and you 're not suppose to do that. I think that would be the hardest for me. A benefit to being cupid is that you get to bring love into people 's lives! Cupid is one of my favorite Greek Gods because he is different than all the rest. He is different by his form and powers. I also like cupid because he can be known as a good and bad god. He is known as a good and bad god because he could make anyone fall in love even if people don’t accept it. I also love cupid because he is one of the only gods with a holiday known as Valentines Day. I love his holiday because I get a lot of candy and sweet
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