Curiosity In The Invention Of Hugo Cabret

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The Invention of Hugo Cabret is a story about an orphaned boy living in the walls of a busy Paris train station as a clock keeper with his curiosity constantly leading him into trouble until he finds a mysterious automaton connected with his father’s death. As he uses his curiosity to explore the secrets of this automaton, it leads him to discover that his father’s death is a lot bigger than he thought leading him into more trouble than he could get out of. I think the theme of curiosity is very relevant to today’s world as it is what drives us to constantly explore for more and results in many breakthroughs for our society. Curiosity is what drives Hugo’s father to discover the automaton’s secrets but also what killed him in the process.…show more content…
The character, Hugo, starts off as an orphaned, clock keeping, boy with his only motive being to find the secrets behind an automaton his father left for him before he died in a fire. As the novel progresses, Hugo finds a mysterious connection between a rough old man and a little girl with the automaton. He slowly befriends the girl and works for the old man in order to find out more about the connection yet slowly starts gaining sympathy for the two which gets in the way of his investigation and confuses his emotions. Hugo loved his father very dearly and is determined that the automaton is hiding something from his father to him. This results in Jake pushing away the love of the old man and girl in order to keep them out of the mystery and to find his father’s hidden message for him. Once he opens the automaton, he finds out a shocking, distinct connection between the old man, the girl, and is disappointed that his father didn’t leave him anything. He was devastated because he let his curiosity lead him to believe that his father left him a message and built very high expectations from that. But his curiosity also led him to find a family with the old man and the little girl. This shows that curiosity, when used right, can be used for achieving or discovering great things but can also lead you to danger or shattered
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