Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime Essay

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime In the book The Curiouse Incident of the Dog in the Nightime Mark Haddon, the author, displays the change in mood and tone in Christopher’s mother’s letters. Tone is the way the author expresses his attitude throughtout the novel. Mood is the feeling the reader gets while reading the book. In this book the main character Christopher John Francis Boone finds a box filled with letters from his mother, nextly the climax changed the readers whole point of view compared to the begging of the book, and lastly the mood changes from sad/mysterious to upsetting during parts of the novel. Firstly, Christopher obtains mysterious letters from his (supposed to be dead) mother. Secondly, in the beginning of the book Ed Boone, Christopher’s dad, lies to him telling him that a heartattack caused Judy Boone, Christopher’s mother, to pass away. In the ending Christopher realizes that his mother can’t be dead because of the letters she wrote to him. Thirdly, the mood changed from heartbreaking in the beginning to frightning in the end. All in all, the author shows mood, tone, imagery, in the mother’s letters which has a great impact on the whole story, later uncovering lies, cheating, and most importantly revealing the theme of the whole novel.…show more content…
She displays herself towards her family as if she was an uncaring wife to Christofers dad and also an uncaring mother. In the quote “I said that I wanted to explain to you why I went away when I had the time to do it properly. Now I got the time. I was not a very good mother. And then you and me had that argument.” his mother made it seem like she abandoned the family and was careless towards her son. In conclusion Christopher’s mother left her family, cheated, wasn’t there for Chris, and seemed disinterested in him and his

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