Curley And Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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George, a small man with sharp features, and Lennie, a tall man with light eyes are two farm workers heading to a ranch where they will work. Lennie has a mental disability with an affinity for soft things and George acts as his guardian. They stop at a river in the valley and Lennie persuades George to tell him how they will buy land and live off the crops they farm together. Once the two men get to the farm, they are greeted by Candy, an old swamper, and Curley, the boss’s son. Curley and Lennie immediately start off on the wrong foot, despite Lennie’s timid disposition. George and Candy gossip about Curley’s new wife, who he describes as a “tart”, but Lennie thinks she’s pretty. George tells Lennie to stay away from her. Later in the bunk,
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