Curley's Personality

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Steinbeck gives us a very detailed description of Curleys, he states he has tightly curled hair which suits his name, he has high heeled boots making it very clear that he is the bosses son and has a higher status than rest of the ranchmen, I think that he uses the fact that he is the boss’s son to wield power in the ranch as he asks “seen my old man” taking control over the conversation with no respect to what others were saying, this also leads us to speculate about his personality and whether he is a very bossy character as after asking this question he states see you later creating an image in the minds of the reader as a very arrogant and brash person. This is again shown when he demands the ranchmen to tell him where his wife is. It also gives an impression that he has a tendency to predate others as he quotes “catch” later, these phrases used by Steinbeck, this part of his personality is further solidified by Steinbeck when curley says where is my wife cause a feeling of dislike against him that only grows as the novel progresses.
Steinbeck describes him to him to have a very protective personality as he uses phrases and words such as “pugnatice and “calculative”
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Thus I think that curley is steinbecks way of showing the discrimination against women of the day. Steinbeck portrays curley as a person who is aggressive and full of egoistic only because he is trying to show himself as the strongest to his wife and add to his sexually appeal to his wife and draw her attention, this is clear as he has a glove full of Vaseline. Through these characteristics of curley Steinbeck is trying to show us the stereotypical man during the
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