Curley's Wife Loneliness Essay

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Have you ever felt lonely like Curley’s wife? Curley’s wife is a victim of loneliness in the book Of Mice and Men. Either way, her actions speak louder than the nasally, high pitched words that come out of her mouth. In Of Mice and Men, Curley’s wife is a lady who likes to hang out around the ranch; claiming that she’s looking for Curley. She does not get any attention from Curley, so she retorts and tries to get attention from the other men on the ranch. Throughout Of Mice and Men, Curley’s wife is a victim of loneliness.

In the book Of Mice and Men the author never reveals the name of Curley’s wife. She has always been referred to as “Curley’s wife”. All the men on the ranch know her by that name. Because she doesn’t have an actual name, it causes her to feel lonely and unimportant. Curley’s wife does not do much around the farm and tries to seek attention from the men but none is given. Researchers have found many interesting facts and problems from being lonely. According to Hamilton, “ it looked like people who reported greater levels of loneliness were more likely to die. They are also more likely to
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In the book Of MIce and Men, Steinbeck creates the character “Curley’s wife” to be a victim of loneliness. The author made this character the way that she is to show that there is loneliness happening in the Great Depression time period. Steinbeck also incorporated the theme loneliness and showed it a lot through Curley’s wife to show that George and Lennie’s friendship is very important. The other characters in the book Of Mice and Men do not have a friendship like that let alone Curley’s wife. Some of Curley’s wife's actions can now be better understood knowing that she is lonely and that Curley is not nice to her. She does not act the way she does because that is her personality it is because she suffers through being lonely and
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