Curley's Wife Movie Vs Novel

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Curley 's wife is promiscuous. She’s clingy, racist, and she annoys everyone on the ranch. At least that’s the way John Steinbeck portrayed her in his book Of Mice and Men. When a motion picture based on the book under the same name was produced, the director Gary Sinise decided to transform the way people felt about Curley 's wife. He presented her as more sympathetic and romantic, and in turn far more likeable. The changes to this character in the movie give a different perspective of Curley 's wife, and make the viewer reevaluate the way they perceive her. In the book, Curley 's wife is a nuisance to everyone on the ranch. Every man who lives there knows she’s trouble, and they all believe she’s a tramp. George notices this when he and…show more content…
In the movie Of Mice and Men, the director Gary Sinise added his own artistic rendition to the original storyline, especially in regards to Curley 's wife. He took out scenes that pictured her in a bad light, and added scenes that shaped her into a more appealing character. He also added text between her and George to add a romantic aspect to the movie; an aspect the book is lacking. In one of the added scenes between Curley 's wife and George, you can pick up the subtle attraction. They act as if they have a forbidden romance, and in a way that’s true; they could never be together, because she’s married and he’s got Lennie. You can also see this amorous facet in the way they play with the lighting in some of the scenes. During the scene where George and Curley 's wife meet in the barn, George is shown in a dark light, obscuring his face, while Curley 's wife is shown in a bright light, making her seem innocent and almost angelic. This suggests that Curley 's wife could bring light to the dark part of George; the part that, in the end, was responsible for Lennie 's death. In another scene, the scene between Lennie and Curley 's wife shortly before her death, the lighting again played an important role in the way she is perceived. The lighting was soft and warm, making her seem motherly and kind. Another way the film differed from the movie and made Curley 's wife appear more compassionate was the cutting of the scene where she was so glaringly racist and rude to Crooks, Lennie and Candy. Although the director kept some of the content of this conversation, he cut out the lines that would give a bad impression of her to those watching. Overall, the director puts his own spin on the story, making Curley 's wife less vulgar and insensitive and adding romance and tenderness into the story. Though not dramatic or outrageous, the modifications made between the novel and the motion picture change the way
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