Curleys Wife

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Throughout the book Curleys wifes name is not mentioned nor alluded to as she is simply known as Curleys wife, this demonstrates that Steinbecks perspective of woman in this era are insignificant. Before being married to Curley she once had a dream of becoming a well known actress living in the big city, much like lennies dream of owning his own ranch and animals and living off the land. I additionally think Curleys wife still has her dream of becoming a famous actress yet she wont tell her husband Curley on the grounds that he will hear nothing of it, this also tells me that he is the motivation behind why she wont and can 't be allowed to follow her dream of becoming a famous actress on the grounds that he wants her everything to his-self…show more content…
As I would like to think Curleys wife is the loneliest and saddest character in the novel as she has no personality that of which we are told, she has no name which indicates that John Steinbeck would not like to see her as a free willed woman, she is Curleys property meaning she bears the title "Curleys wife" as she is dominated by him. Curley also demands that she is not to wander outside the house unless advised, she does in any case attempting to look for consideration and fondness, she gets away with this utilizing the reason that she 's attempting to find Curley. Her life is dictated by her husband and is demanded to not ever converse with the ranch hands nor allowed to think about them as he will find out. This reminds me how George dictates Lennie into not conversing with anybody unless George permits him, they both additionally rebel by conversing with the ranch hands making excuses to get away with it as they are both so lonely. This is the reason Lennie and Curleys wife are ideal for one another, they both draw out the outrage and love in one another as they are both in the same circumstance, for instance Lennie is mentally handy caped thus meaning if you were like Lennie back then you would be shunned and would only make society worse. Curleys wife was a woman which implied she had no power and no rights as men did implying that the main suitable spot for her to be was in the house. To add the unfathomable amounts of time Curleys wife spent in the house was not beneficial as it promoted dejection and the feeling
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