Curley's Wife Research Paper

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The death of Curley’s wife is a very shocking event which is what triggers George’s decision to shoot Lennie. She does nothing wrong and without noticing Lennie kills her; just how he killed the mouse and the puppy killed the puppy. Curley’s wife’s death is a tragedy and symbolizes Lennie’s untroubled life coming to an end. Even though Lennie is not a bad person after the death of Curley’s wife, we can no longer think of him as an innocent child-like person. George and Lennie’s life was about survival, but centred on the innocent dream of the rabbits. After Curley’s wife is killed, there is no way George and Lennie can exist peacefully and continue their lifestyle. George has to put Lennie out of his misery. If George doesn’t kill Lennie, he
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