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6 Curly Hair Tips That Will Change Your Life

Curly hair may appear to run wild and care-free, but looks can be deceiving. Take it from any curly girl — a whole lot of effort goes into styling each and every curl. If your curly hair is spiraling outta control, hold on. Here are six tips that will change your life when it comes to managing those locks. Get started!
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1. Know Your Curl Type: All curls are not created equal. Different patterns and types of curls require different products as well as styling and maintenance routines. If you want your curls to look their best every day then you’ve got to ID your curl type. Not so sure? There 's a quiz for that! Identify your hair type and get pro styling tips with product recommendations that will keep your waves, curls or coils on point. 
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2. Refresh Your Curls Between Washes: Want to bring your second, third or maybe even fourth day curls back to life!? Whether you plop, pineapple or wrap your hair in a silk scarf, after a night’s sleep or a sweaty workout, your curls may still need a little TLC to look their best. The goal of refreshing your curls is to bring them back to their natural state without washing them. To get started, give your head a shake to loosen your tendrils, then mist this DIY spray mist all over your curls and scrunch your hair from
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Natural Oils Are A Curly Girl’s Secret Weapon: Curls crave moisture and the best way to make them behave on non-wash days is to give ‘em what they need. Quench your curls’ thirst with a healthy dose of oil to mimic your hair’s natural sebum. There are two main types of oils: sealing and moisturizing. Sealing oils keep moisture in, meaning that you 'll need to apply water or conditioner to your hair beforehand for them to really work. Moisturizing oils are heavier than sealing oils and can be used alone to moisturize the hair. From Argan oil to jojoba, check out this curly girl’s guide to hair oils so that you can find the best one for your hair

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