Currency Act 1751

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The Currency Act was originally created in 1751 and later modified in 1764. It was created to stop the American colonists from printing their own money, because Britain wanted to control the American colonies by making the colonies dependent on them. They used Acts to do this and so they could get their way. One of these Acts is the Currency Act which dealt with production of money. The Currency Act gave power of taxation to appointed officials not local leaders. The Act stated that the colonists had to stop using printed money and use British money (money by the pound). The Currency Act of 1751 was created to stop the New England colonies from printing money. The Currency Act of 1764 was created to stop all of the American colonies from printing money and to start using British coins. At that time, there was no official money in the colonies. Each colony had their own set of printed money that could only be used in their colony. These Currency Acts both restricted trade with…show more content…
Farmers did not like the Acts because their debts increased so they were forced to sell part of their land. When they sold their land, the British creditors buying it would cheat them out of what their land was actually worth. Colonial leaders were puzzled and all the things that would go to them went to the King of England. Finally, Samuel Adams criticized the government about all the Acts. He organized a rebel group, the Sons of Liberty, to protest the Acts. In conclusion, the Currency Act was created in England by Parliament in 1751 and 1764. The Act was made to get the colonists to behave. The Act stopped the printing of money in the colonies and forced the colonists to use British money. The act restricted trade with other areas of the world. Essentially, the Currency Act helped shape America’s future for the better, eventually leading to the American Revolutionary
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