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Current Event Assignment – D: “What Do a Scientist and a Journalist Have in Common? #HerToo” Today there are alternating sources for news headlines and current events. Recently the social media generated tagline “Me Too” has brought the topic of sexual harassment to the forefront of our societal conscious. The Women’s News article, “What Do a Scientist and a Journalist Have in Common? #HerToo,” written by Nina Dudnik and Shirley Smith, describes the two women’s experience with harassment in the workplace. Dudnik, the scientist, recalls the inner dialogue of her experience with occupational harassment. Dudnik explains she was initially fond of the man involved. He…show more content…
The lives of people such as Dudnik and Smith are so dissimilar to mine, they are almost foreign. Crawford (2012, p. 318) writes that women in male dominated professions are more likely to victims of harassment. The last occupation that comes to my mind when I read this would have been a scientist. I wrongfully assumed that people in such a distinguished arena, who are well educated, would not have to deal with this issue. To my unfortunate discovery, this oppression affects the multitudes of women in the workplace. The setting of Smith’s incident is sadly far more recognizable, working for a governmental leader. Her story corresponds with the theory of sexual harassment being a form of abuse of power (Crawford, 2012, p. 319). As she assumed, the bodyguard was more valuable in her occupational hierarchy, she felt powerless against his actions. To add further anguish to Smith’s story she fits into the description given by Crawford (2012, p.319) that many women quit or relocate their job after being harassed. The recurring theme in these women’s stories, is silence. The idea behind “Me Too” is breaking that silence. Victims may often feel that they are alone in their situation. However, this current trend is attempting to dispel that notion. As Crawford writes, “sexual harassment is not inevitable” (2012, p.320). It is a completely avoidable plague on our society which only
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