The Importance Of Medication Administration Errors In Nursing

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Current Issues and Trends
One of the major issues that is currently impacting nursing leaders and managers is the ongoing problem with medication administration errors. It is a nurse’s job to verify that the correct dose, route, frequency, and duration of the drug is administered and monitored appropriately. Unfortunately, numerous studies show the significance of this problem amongst nurses. For example, within a certain study performed involving 237 nurses, 64.55% of them had made medication administration errors, while 31.37% of them were on the verge of making a mistake (Cheragi, Manoocheri, Mohammadnejad, & Ehsani, 2013). With the continuous problems related to this topic, it is evident that serious change needs to be made within the workplace in order to
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Studies show that the hospital stay of patients is usually prolonged approximately 2 more days due to these medication errors. As a result, this increases costs approximately $2000-$2500 dollars per patient (Cheragi, Manoocheri, Mohammadnejad, & Ehsani, 2013). The patients’ physical health is at risk, including the ability to function with everyday activities, and their mental health could be altered, potentially causing anxiety and other psychological symptoms (Rejane & Goldim, 2013). Depending on the type of medication administration error performed, the patient could potentially be physically harmed, incapable of performing activities of daily living, or could potentially die. The elderly are the number one population to have death related to a medication administration errors (Brunetti & Suh, 2012). This fact is related to the many lifestyle and medical factors that are common amongst the geriatric population (Brunetti & Suh,

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