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Name : Dini Mustaqima Mid-term Test Essay Student Number : 1402270 Program/Class : S2/ B Test Designing and Constructing in Accordance with the Current Curriculum Demand Taking a look at the current curriculum, namely curriculum 2013, it is clear that the conduct of teaching and learning process is projected to achieve the national education goal which according to Article 3 of UU No. 20 of National Education System (2003) refers to the development of students’ potential to be human beings who are not only leading in terms of intelligence, but also in their behavior as people who are creative, independent, democratic and responsible to their nation. Above all, students are also expected to be religious, implying their good relationship…show more content…
It encompasses cognitive, psychomotor, and affective competences to be assessed altogether as the basis for drawing complete description of students’ ability, indicating that the assessment takes after Holistic approach as suggested by Suherdi (2012a). Furthermore, in order to facilitate the practice of assessment on those competences, varied types of assessment are introduced by Permendikbud No. 66 (2013) both for final and on-going assessment. Those are authentic assessment, self-assessment, portfolio-based assessment, quizzes, daily tests, midterm exam, the end of semester exam, level of competence exam, the quality level of competency exams, a national exam, and the schools / madrasah…show more content…
This one takes observation, self-assessment, student-to-student assessment, and journal as the assessment types to be operated. With the purpose of observing students affective factors, the instrument used is the observation guideline containing the observed behavior indicators. This observation instrument can be used by teacher to note students’ progress throughout the learning process. Besides observation conducted by teacher, affective competence assessment is also handed to students by getting them write self-assessment. The instrument for this type is self-assessment worksheet which needs to be used by students to tell their strength and weaknesses in learning. Subsequent to self-assessment is student-to-student assessment which again make use of worksheet. What makes this instrument different from the one used in self-assessment is that it is used by students to give comments and suggestion on each other’s performance in learning process. Then, as the last assessment instrument for assessing affective competence is journal owned by teacher. The content of this journal is teacher’s notes on students’ strengths and weaknesses in learning and their behavior which are taken based on a thorough observation conducted

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