Curriculum Assessment Policy Analysis

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Education must be challenging in order to change the country. In South Africa, different educational policies were implemented, and were revised as time went on. Why were they revised or removed from the system? This is what the essay will be discussing, the development of education in South Africa since 1990. The first policy that will be discussed is the outcomes based, which was followed by curriculum 2005 and then the Revised national curriculum statement up to the curriculum that is being used today; curriculum assessment policy statement. The development of education does not revolve around curricula only, but in this essay only the developments of curricula, which caused education to develop, will be discussed.
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The core of the outcomes based education was that only what is learned matters, not what is taught and applicable learning outcomes must be set, not learning objectives. Teachers are not always able to translate the indefinitely worded outcomes into practical teaching-learning activities with specific content (Van der Horst & McDonald, 1999:16). OBE was implemented with the aim of increasing the value of education that learners in South Africa receive. There was inadequate dialogue about important details such as teaching materials and curricula that led to the outcomes based education to be…show more content…
With the outline of CAPS, every subject in each grade will have a single, comprehensive and concise policy document that will offer details on what teachers need to teach and assess on a grade-by-grade and subject-by-subject base. The aim of this curriculum is to decrease the administrative workload on teachers and making sure that there is clear guidelines and consistency for teachers when they teach. With CAPS, every teacher knows what to teach, when to teach it and how to assess it. The terminology with caps has also changed, from “learning outcomes” and “assessment standards” to “content” and “skills”. In the foundation phase for example, numeracy now called mathematics and literacy now called English or language. In high school, senior and FET phase, they are now doing seven subjects of which each of them are assessed differently. When time goes on CAPS will be revised, to make our country’s education system

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