Curriculum Constraints

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It is a matter of conviction that if schools could be organized on right lines and become dynamic centres of progressive educational movements, the whole task of educational reconstruction would be greatly facilitated. However, teachers being the curriculum implementers are faced with barriers which hinder the successful implementation of the curriculum. They are restrained and directed about the teaching methodologies as stated by Kallos and Lundgren.
Being a teacher, I have several constraints in planning the curriculum. There is now a public acknowledgement that the current system of schooling imposes enormous burden on our children. Indeed, this burden arises from an incoherent curriculum structure that is often detached from the social background of children as also from the inadequate preparation of teachers who are unable to make connections with children and respond to their needs in creative ways. I often feel that I am misleading students as the curriculum is not well oriented and it “does not equip the teacher to deal with the continuing need to adapt those same innovations to the ever- changing classroom conditions” (McLaughlin & Marsh, 1978).

Consequently, the pressure of globalisation leading to commercialisation in education and increasing competition are forcing children into unprecedented situations that they have to cope with. As such, my students are less involved and excessively dependent on textbooks and me as sadly enough, our curriculum is geared

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