Curriculum Development In Fiji

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The term curriculum can be simply described as a set of rules or guidelines those are developed and implemented upon students in schools. It can also be regarded as the bible of education. Curriculum can also be defined as a set of subjects to be studied in a school or college. Hutchins, president of the University of Chicago defined curriculum as “permanent studies” where the rules of grammar, rhetoric and logic and mathematics education are emphasized. Over all the definitions, I personally believe that curriculum is simply a set of work that needs to be completed within the given time or any portion of work that needs to be completed by teachers in schools as per there requirement. Curriculum allows the teachers to work within the criteria…show more content…
They tried to impart the culture and values of bible knowledge into Fijians. They followed centre periphery model or top down approach. One of the biggest concerns here is that from that time (19th century) till today (21st century), Fiji follows the same model in developing and implementing the curriculum. The curriculum in Fiji is developed by Curriculum Advisory Services which is responsible for having quality education in teaching and learning process in all the subjects that is provided by primary schools. Also it makes sure that the quality and relevance of the education is for all children in Fiji ( An example of curriculum in Fiji is the syllabi which are recently introduced in primary school…show more content…
Also, the parents play an important role when it comes to the development and implementation of the curriculum. They need to be told the reason for having the content in the curriculum by organising workshops for them. Thus, if the Fiji government lacks in funds they can have a website whereby the teachers, parents, students can make their suggestion regarding the curriculum development and where it needs to be improved. Also, in the CDU office one room needs to allocated for the library so that the developers are able to access the information and finding on how to develop the curriculum in Fiji. Not forgetting to unsure that the curriculum should be more related to Fiji context and learners everyday life

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