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Cursive writing, a skill that was taught to me in the early years of school. Many teachers and reseachers have different feelings and responeses towards cursive teaching. A huge debate caused this uproar, should cursive writing be taught during school as a curriculum activity needed, or simply should we just skip over it. In my years as a student i believe that cursive writing should be taught during school. The reasons i believe cursive writing should be taught is for the facts that it has positive outcomes. Cursive writing has been proven to be good for our mind, helps with fine motor skills and how technolgy isnt as effective as it made out to be.

First, cursive writing has been prove by psychologists that students learn more writing by hand
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Typing is far simpler than writing by hand. Writinh requires a connection between both the left and right side of the brain. For me writing had been beneficial for the fact that it was easier to put words together and get my point acrosss.

Now, i know you 're probably saying, "well typing has spell check and is faster". In that sense you 're correct it 's easier to type rather than write,however you lose important grammar skills and knowledge. In "Cursive Is a Twenty-First Century Dinosaur" the author makes the point that writing is irrevelant due to techology. That in fact might be true but writing will always be the same concept and never changes like techology. According to passage 4 of " Cursive is a twenty-first century dinosaur" techology is moving at a rapid pace that soon even keyboards will go extinct.

Inconclusion, i feel that writing has far more benefits than modern techology. Techology is always advancing that we 'll soon have to keep up with the vast amount of changes that happens. Writing has always been the same since it
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