Cursive Writing Should Be Taught In Schools Essay

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In my own opinion, people should be taught to write in cursive, therefore it should be kept in schools. Cursive may not be very essential in our modern lives, yet it is still an important skill to learn. As stated in paragraph three, studies shows that writing in cursive stimulates both sides of the brain as well as helping in the development of fine motor-skills, which does help us in our average lives whether you notice it or not. Being able to write in cursive allows a person to anticipate further and think quickly, which in turn allows for quicker reaction time, and more brain activity. Of course, as stated in paragraph two of the second article, we all do things digitally. We rely more on technology for pretty much everything. The new form of writing is now typing on keyboards and reviewing everything online. So, not everyone will need to write everything down, anymore. Most people 's jobs depend entirely on technology, such as a desk receptionist, as most of the time they will be on computers, typing documents and so forth. It 's much faster doing it this way as in…show more content…
Although it is true, we work and revolve around the use of technology, learning to write in cursive is still a fundamental skill that everyone should at least be familiar with. As i 've learned from experience, not everything is done online or by typing. There are jobs out there that look for people with writing skills. Tasks that have to be written, and so forth. Even in school, not everything can be done online. There will be courses, paper work and so on that will require you to write. And when doing such a task, it looks much better writing in cursive. Cursive is a specific way to make your writing look uniform. Very precise. And the way you write, even the simplest of sentences, says a lot about you. For many, the ability to write in cursive shows that you excel in specific areas where others may not. For example, it may show that you are a good thinker, or that you are very well

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