Curved Stone Ball Artifacts Summary

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The reading passage present some evidence indicating application for the curved stone ball artifacts, belong approximately to 4,000 years ago, which are found in numerous locations in Scotland. The lecturer, nonetheless, throw doubt on all ideas brought up by the critics and offer some counterclaims to refute them all. First, due to the fact that some holes are detected on some of the stone balls, the author argues that they could have been used in order to swinging and throwing those. Consequently, they might have been used for hunting and fighting in that era. Conversely, the lecturer takes the view that some af those balls should have been broken or some damaging should have be seen on those providing that those have been used for hunting or fighting purpose. Whereas, no damage effect is found on stone balls ' surface.…show more content…
The professor, on the contrary, underlines the fact that different stones are made of different materials in a variety of densities which obviously shows they are only similar in size; on the other hand stone balls have different weights and those are inappropriate to be used for measuring purpose. Finally, the author brings up the idea that many stone balls perform an elaborate patterns on them which could be a sign of the balls usage in indicating social state of their owners. In contrast, the speaker dismiss this issue due to the fact that intricate designs have been found on limited number of balls which challenges the mentioned idea. In addition, graves ' and tombs ' lacking of any curved stone balls is another reason that clearly reject third claim as
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