Cushing's Syndrome Case Study

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Patient Screening- Laboratory tests that may be conducted to diagnose Cushing 's syndrome and identify the cause are: ­­Blood cortisol levels, Blood sugar, saliva cortisol levels, dexamethasone suppression test, 24-hour urine monitoring for cortisol and creatinine, ACTH levels, an ACTH stimulation tests can be ordered,yet is very rare. Tests to determine the cause or complications may include an abdominal CT scan, ACTH, pituitary MRI,and bone mineral density testing. Etiology- The chance of recovering adrenal function varies per patient. Patients with Cushing’s disease had a 58% chance; and patients with adrenal Cushing’s syndrome had a 38% chance. The likelihood recovering adrenal function after a tumor resection in Cushing’s syndrome is dependent

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