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Disease is prevalent throughout all walks of life. Most every living thing is susceptible to some form of disease, some more serious than others. In many animals, disease is not treated, it is merely the way of life. In companion animals, owners care much more for the health of the animal and are much more likely to treat any diseases that arise. One disease that may arise is called hyperadrenocorticism (HAC), or Cushing’s Syndrome. Cushing’s Syndrome is a disease that involves an excess of the Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) from the pituitary gland, most likely because of cancerous cells (Helm). This causes an excess of cortisol to be made in the adrenal gland which creates the symptoms known as Cushing’s Syndrome. This can also be caused by a tumor on the adrenal gland which causes an overproduction of cortisol (Helm). Cortisol is a steroid hormone which helps regulate blood sugar as well as aid in the metabolism of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Having too much or too little of this hormone could be detrimental to the health of a human or companion animal. It is very…show more content…
Each is caused by a tumor on the pituitary and adrenal gland respectively. About 85% of cases are PDH, with the other 15% being ADH (Galac). While many animals can acquire this disease, it seems most prominent in dogs. This disease can affect any kind of dog, but has a predilection for smaller dogs (Galac).There are several symptoms to look for in animals, but be wary because Cushing’s Syndrome is hard to diagnose (Grooters). The symptoms to look for are obesity around the midsection, hair loss, muscle degradation, increased appetite and thirst, increased urine production, and excessive panting (Peterson). The problem is that these symptoms can exist for other diseases, which makes it hard for veterinarians and others to diagnose this

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