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Millions of families have immigrated into the United States since its founding. One such family was the Macaluso/Cusimano family. This family of Sicilians lived in Italy for three generations, until immigrating into the United States in 1894. Though they did not lead exciting, politically important, lives, they left their mark through an enormous bloodline whose oldest known source is Vincenzo Cusimano. His descendants, Dane Crosby being a member of the latest generation, went on, and continue to live on, to lead fruitful lives. The oldest traceable descendant of the Macaluso/Cusimano family is Vincenzo Cuisimano. Vincenzo Cusimano was born about 1781, in Santa Cristina Gela, Sicilia, Italy to Margherita Enna, age 31, and Ciro Cusimano, age…show more content…
He eventually moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, where he met his wife Mariana Maiurana. He married her on September 15, 1875, when he was 20 years old. In New Orleans, Nicola opened and operated a butcher shop. Shortly after, Nicola and Mariana had a daughter in 1878. He passed away in 1919. Knowledgeable of his failing health, Nicola sold his butcher shop and used half of the profits for the dowry of his daughter, Rose. He died on August 26, 1919, in Hammond, Louisiana, at the age of 64. Rose Macaluso was born in 1878 in Louisiana to Mariana Maiurana, age 16, and Nicola Cusimano, age 23.# She was married on April 27, 1901, in New Orleans, Louisiana to Bartholomew Macaluso. With whom, she had had five children. Bartholomew was an immigrant, like Rose’s father. He was born and raised in Palermo, Sicily, where he made a living in imports and exports. Before coming to the United States, however, his two older brothers embezzled the money from their company, leaving Bartholomew nearly penniless. With

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