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Throughout the past few weeks not only have I studied several different government policies and agencies created for Native Americans, but I have also studied a text that provides several interesting ideas and concepts regarding the United States treaties, policies, and, regulations with Native American individuals, tribes, and reservations. The book that I studied and reviewed for this quiz is Custer Died for Your Sins by Vine Deloria, Jr. This text is able to not only discuss several different policies for various Native American tribes, but it also provides information regarding different white people’s ideas about Native American culture. In this write up we will be able to see a little of Vine Deloria’s background and biases, the information he provides, and the scope of the text’s monograph. Besides these some other things looked at are the main argument that the text provides and its contribution in historical Indian scholarship.…show more content…
Another aspect from his life is that he greatly promoted rights for Native Americans and wrote out against the stereotypes that white societies have about Native Americans. While going through Custer Died for Your Sins, some of Deloria’s biases are that not only does he discuss the different myths that white people have about Native Americans. Deloria also talks about how many of those ideas about Native Americans still continue today, especially among whites who interact with Indians for the first time. Another bias he includes is that despite all of the treaties done for the Indians they have not constantly helped all of tribes and have sometimes made things

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