Custody System

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1. What is the definition of custody and treatment?
a. Custody: the activities within a prison that control inmate behavior and maintain order.
b. Treatment: “is the creation of an environment and provision of rehabilitative programs that encourage inmates to accept responsibility and to address personal disorders that make success in the community more difficult.”
2. List the right types of activities that contribute to the security and custody functions within a prison.
a. Effective inmate classification systems
b. Physical security within a prison
c. Consistently implemented security policies and procedures
d. Control of inmate movement and accountability
e. Control of contraband items
f. Implementation of an effective inmate disciplinary system
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Methods to separate unruly inmates or inmates at risk
h. Control and reduction of the likelihood of a prison riot or disturbance
3. Name three types of teams included in prison emergency plans.
a. Hostage negotiation teams (HNTs)
b. Disturbance control team (DCT)
c. Special emergency response team (SERT)
4. What is the Stockholm syndrome?
a. “The Stockholm Syndrome is thought to result in the hostages and captors beginning to identify with each other; hostage takers see the hostages as people rather than just objects, and they are therefore less likely to physically harm or kill their hostages.”
5. How many states currently have a statute allowing the death penalty?
a. 31 states
6. Describe evidence of the deterrent effect of the death penalty.
a. Most of the inmates who have committed murder don’t expect to be picked or don’t see the seriousness of the crime.
b. It is said that the death penalty is the same as a threat of being sentenced for life in
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