Custom Essay: The Burial In Beowulf

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I’ve always had an interest in the period described in Beowulf. It is a time in history that intrigued me. I was immediately drawn to the Sutton Hoo burial and the artifacts contained there. The man buried in the hull of this ship is not identified by name but the many artifacts resting there allude to a very wealthy and equally revered Anglo-Saxon king. Many items of gold and inlaid with garnets or other jewels demonstrate the high position man held. The items only add to the mystery of his identity. More of an eclectic collection from the world. They serve to prove that whoever was buried there spent a great deal of time traveling the seas and exploring distant lands. The burial process itself is interesting. The burial of an entire ship…show more content…
The shine from it is almost blinding. Beautiful gold highlights the most prominent features of the mask portion. To further demonstrate the wealth of the helmet’s owner, garnets are inlaid across the brow area. The entire helmet is breathtakingly beautiful. Much like the burial, the helmet was a labor of love. It would have taking a master craftsman a great deal of time to create this gorgeous masterpiece. It is a helmet that would have brought its wearer a great deal of admiration and on another level it reflects strength or a warrior’s power. The entire helmet is decorated with pictures of warriors and powerful animals such as the dragon and the serpent. Representations most likely chosen to demonstrate the strength of the man wearing it as well as invoke fear to those opposing him. The dragon’s wings widely spread across the brow show the power of the creature and deliver that power to the man in battle. I imagine this helmet to be quite intimidating when standing in front of someone in battle. From afar, the helmet looks like the face of a fierce warrior. Perhaps meant as a deterrent but the true ferocity is seen up close. Several scenes are depicted around the helmet to further the menacing demeanor of the
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