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IKEA is a globally famous home, providing retailer. It has developed quickly since it was originated in 1943. Currently it is the world's biggest furniture retailer known for its outstanding style. The common of IKEA's goods is flat-pack, ready to be assembled by the consumer. This allows a reduction in costs and packaging. IKEA carries a collection of products, including home furniture and decorations. IKEA Damansara is the biggest eastern Asia branch. This wide choice is available in IKEA store and consumers can demand much of the range available through IKEA's website.
Ordinary IKEA consumers are men/women aged 20-60 and are highlighted by the high overwhelming claim for buying fresh merchandise and items at affordable prices. The
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What’s your name and how old are you?
A. Name anonymous and age is 21 years
Q. What motivated you to work in IKEA?
A. Well. The pay and to obtain a job where I can see and sell beautiful furniture’s and make people happy.
Q. What were the most useful or influential experiences you had at IKEA that have impacted the way you work?
A. What makes my day go by is helping people and I am good at it. My influential experience that impacted the way I work is the satisfaction of helping a costumer in need of something on a low budget.
Q. Was there anything that happened at IKEA that was particularly discouraging to you in continuing to work?
A. Always a lot of work covering for someone else that is on a break or takes a leave without any notifications.
Q. Given what you now know about IKEA, what do you think should have been part of your IKEA work program but were not?
A. To give more strict rules to employees and increasing the equipment.
Q. What do you think helps you and the costumer?
A. Prices. Affordable prices and more help finding what they need at costumer services and to hire more or better
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What challenges do you encounter while working and how do you modify instruction to address these needs?
A. There is couple of challenges that face us. First is to increase the equipment because if one break down we have to wait until it’s fixed. Secondly we need better staff management by giving better training. Finally supplies the company depends on other companies for its supplies it would have been better if it empowered more local companies.
Q. Do you plan to stay in IKEA? Why/why not?
A. Yes. IKEA is a big company I may one day get a better position than the one I’m in today.

Operation challenges
It appears that operational challenges to be the following:
1. Lack of good equipment and quantities.
2. Poor staff management.
3. Supplies to run out and takes time to reorder.

Possible solutions
The staff identified three problems with its operations system. The solution would be to implement different approach to solve it. First to increase the equipment and quality to last longer and to work better. Secondly employee training program to get works to operate efficiently. Finally to get better stock management

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