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The articles examine the social media can assist customer knowledge management (CKM). The case study stated in this article is about Starbucks, which they are using CKM to communicate with their customer in order to success in the market. By using social media, they achieve competitive advantage, lower production cost, increase innovation and more understand their customer needs to improve products. In contrast, it also bring disadvantage, where the customers share wrong knowledge through social media that will affect perception of other people. There have three strategies about CKM, which are management of knowledge for customer, from customer and about customer. Moreover, the combination of qualitative case study and netnography are used…show more content…
Knowledge is an effective tool but proponents have known that knowledge is a difficult thing to manage. Knowledge is an individual thing, which combined by individual skill, history, expertise and so on. For information-to-knowledge conversion, the authors examine the use of patterns are strong mechanism. “Sell Now, Resource Later” is a model of pattern to explain the capacity of applied patterns for knowledge management. It makes a tacit optimistic resource allocation strategy for the consulting organization explicit and accessible. This pattern’s strategic and operational worth is clear for the organization. The main knowledge of knowledge management theory and practice are the concept of tacit and explicit knowledge. Besides, the first cycle in “Sell Now, Resource Later” is tacit to tacit knowledge, which consist of mentoring. Next is tacit to explicit knowledge include pattern mining, writers’ workshops and shepherding. Moreover, explicit to explicit knowledge is the combination of the pattern and mixing with other knowledge representations. Last is explicit to tacit knowledge, which is new tacit knowledge. It selects the pattern and use it, then reflecting on pattern use. Another well-known knowledge management practice is using stories for spreading lessons learned and sharing experiences. Using and mining pattern can obtain benefits such as…show more content…
Knowledge management system must be strong in order to handle the unexpected situation and also in complex environment. Social media is the major technology for disaster response. In brief, it is flexible yet have the strong knowledge structure that are related to how it share, gather the knowledge in a disaster response. Moreover, this article also describes their point of view about how social media first introduces, how they matured and how they improve as main knowledge resources for decision makers. Next, knowledge management is not a new concept for institution that involved in disaster response. By enhancing knowledge reuse within a staff and by removing the trust on formal liaison structure between staff are two methods that social media promotes knowledge sharing. The advantages that using social media for knowledge sharing are removing duplication of effort, sharing knowledge among different agencies and so on. The article also states the knowledge application using social media, maintenance of social media technologies and the 3-T Framework View of social media, which including the process of syntactic transfer, semantic translate and pragmatic transform. In particular, this article will assist us to increase knowledge about social media and knowledge management that can support the disaster knowledge. It also helps to be more

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