Customer Oriented Sc/Optimized Network Case Study

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3-5. Customer-oriented SC/optimized network; leadership organizations A. Strategy area Environmental effects of business activities have been considered in the development of SC's strategy and the use of clean technologies in supply, production, and distribution of goods and services is emphasized. The SC catches appropriate opportunities to optimize strategy development practices because the common knowledge and capability required for achieving competitive advantages have been institutionalized. Although organizations continually improve their performance and preserve its optimality, the SC must be sensitive to ensure that performance at all levels remains adapted and adjusted with SC strategies. B. CRM area B1. Customer order management: order processing and updating are carried out online. In addition, customer orders replenishment and fulfillment are implemented based on real customer's requirement, market segment exclusive, and demand varied where order position is traceable. B2. Customer satisfaction: special customized goods and services have been prepared for each customer; therefore, by targeting each market segment, some strategies are developed for enhancement of customer satisfaction. Due to the unstable market and customer's needs and demands, changes in management become…show more content…
Cooperations among all legal personalities of the network in aiming for responsibility and boundaries of companies are eliminated. Network process development is based on mutual trust, and customer-oriented culture has been institutional among all the network's members. This trust enables the SC to maintain the results of executing competency-based procedures and develop them as SC properties to be applied by other members. Standard procedures are executed by a skilled workgroup of all SC's partners. The KPIs of the standardized network are supervised by workgroups, and synergy is being implemented in its best possible
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