Customer Relationship Management Strategies In The Hotel Industry

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Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of type of enterprise systems. This system gives numerous benefit to organization. Also, CRM strategy gives benefit base on the nature of business. Usually the sector that uses CRM strategies are the industry, non-profit organizations and government institutions in order to attract their customers. The benefits such as enabling organizations to decrease the costs, increase profits and give more trust of their customers. The good CRM strategy when it enables to describe in a straightforward, practical and clear way. CRM is mainly a business strategy that used by the companies to more attract and maintain customers for the maximization of profit of the organization. A good CRM solution which it…show more content…
Based on positioning in the market, hotels need to participate and develop their brand in order to attract and retain guests. So, the hotel sector usually uses CRM strategy as a flexibility of software capacities. CRM allows efficient, and measurable attracting of new guests and encourage loyalty and pleasure. In additions, the benefits of CRM implementation in the hotel industry are improving efficiency, reducing costs of marketing and sales and improving business processes and productivity. A CRM program for hotels is mostly used to collect and record information about guests and then that information is being used for advertising towards a specific variety of guests based on the transactions and…show more content…
Besides, need to stress how the CRM programs are implemented and how they are managed, and what effect when they have on the performance of agricultural organizations. The six activities that should include a CRM program for agricultural businesses: (1) CRM goals, (2) Types of available customer information, (3) Use of customer data for management decision-making, (4) Market approach, (5) Tactics that are used in order to develop and maintain the customer relationship and (6) Assessment of the technological infrastructure. The benefits of the good implemented CRM for agricultural organizations are sales and profitability will increase, reduced costs and increased satisfaction of employees. In agricultural organizations, CRM also includes a series of activities that will offer to get or maintain the advantage over their competitors. In addition, agricultural organizations should ensure the potential and emphasize the needs and desires in order to get information about them and this can used to adapt its offer in order to give customer
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