Customer Relationship Management System

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Customer relationship management (CRM) or Relationship management is a system that refers to practices, methods and technologies that organisations use to improve the relationship with existing or prospective customers it is also used to manage and analyse client interactions, with the goal of rising business relationships with customers, helping in customer retention and boosting sales growth. Relationship management compiles customer’s data or suggestions across different points of contact between the customers, therefore the company embraces the official website, telephone, live chat, junk mail, selling materials and social media. Relationship management systems also provide customer-facing staff elaborated information on customer’s information,…show more content…
Customer satisfaction is vital as a result of it provides marketers, customers and business organisations with a scale that they will use to manage and improve their businesses. Relationship management system plays a very important role in customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are profitable to a business not only because they are loyal to the organisation but also as a result of they promote the firm through words of mouth. It also improves the market share of the organisation by involving additional customers in an organisation. Increasing the number of customers considered as the straightforward attempt for making profit from the business. However, proper implementation of relationship management system is a must for customer satisfaction. Although relationship management system could not be able to control every interaction, however with the help of interaction with customers business organisations can control the negative experiences. Relationship management not only improves the interaction with customers but it surveys to uncover negative experiences. If unfortunately an organisation receives a negative feedback from customer, then the relationship management system quickly enrol those customers and reach out to resolve the customer’s…show more content…
Customer satisfaction is a core advantage of the Relationship management system that develops and manages long-lasting positive relationships between organisations and customers. Relationship management provides a perfect customer experience, whereas creating customers for lifetime. Positive customer experience is often solely possible by offering facilities such as marketing, prospecting, the whole sales method, the sales follow up, and repair. Customer satisfaction is a term that depends on the benefits provided by an organisation through various services to the customer. Some of the benefits provided by an organisation for customers are: • Increasing

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