The Impact Of Internet Banking

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1 Introduction
Internet banking is the platform to do business or provide services to the customers over internet or World Wide Web via electronic medium and gadgets (Abu, 2004). Many persons in various contexts define internet-banking concept. Customer retention is the process of continuing the business process with one customer. It refers to the activity that an organization undertakes to lessen the customer defection. Satisfied customers are intended to stick with the organization, which represents the long-term relationship between customer and organization (Hennig-Thurau, 2000). Customer retention has an identical impact on organization as longer relation means long time revenue from that customers and more value in the marketplace both
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It is listed on New York and London stock market, whilst operating in 50 countries across the globe including United States, Asia, Africa and Europe (Lewis, 2010).
As a universal bank, Barclays Bank has to perform with various types of customer to do business. In this research, it will focus how corporate customer and individual customers from retail banking cope with its internet banking facility and the impact of internet banking in customer retention. It also put some light on customer satisfaction performance by internet
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As evident, the recent economic recession claims high influence on the banking sector of the world (Siu, 2003). Barclays bank required to manage the challenges through technical and operational steps. Internet has made every steeps easy for them, which is currently one of the top topic in the world. By communicating the customers and clients through their advanced technical systems, they are managing the situation. Summing up the challenges, this research study aims to explore and identify the effect of internet banking on the customer retention in context to the challenges while redefining its business.
2.4 What could this research shed light on?
This research will explain the impacts of internet banking on customer retention within the banking industry. Besides, the researcher will find out the changing factors of customer satisfaction, which will shed light on the current market trends towards the industry and demand activator factors of Barclays bank. Through this research, overall customer relationship management of Barclays bank will be evaluated, which will be conducted by assessing positive changing behaviour of consumer towards the bank. At the end of the research, the researcher will suggest how Barclays bank can improve its online banking

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