Customer Satisfaction In Hotel Industry Essay

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Measurement and Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction in the Hotel Industry.
Forecasting the future of business. A Case Study from Durres, Albania.
Robert Kosova1, Teuta Thanasi2, Lindita Mukli3
University “Aleksander Moisiu”, Durrës, Albania.,, Abstract
In order to be successful in the complex market of hotel services, you need to do more than trying to attract new customers. Hotel managers also need to focus on keeping existing customers by implementing a successful effective policy of evaluation, satisfaction and fulfillment of their demands and expectation. Hotel industry services, rating and customer service satisfaction are almost built on the basis of service quality. A successful approach to service management focused on customer satisfaction can improve his loyalty and improve the positive image. For this reason, assessment and customer service hospitality will help determine their choice of the future. The study
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A questionnaire was created to collect 222the data for the hotel customers, based on the model of perceived service quality measuring- (SERVQUAL Parasuraman et al., 1988), with five factors (tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy). Customer satisfaction was valued with one item, representingthe overall measure of customer satisfaction. Overall customer satisfaction and other factors were rated on 7- point Likert- type scale, from “very dissatisfied” (1) to “very satisfied” (7). The questionnaire includes also the age of customers, gender, country of residence, the purpose of visit, duration of staying at a hotel. The questionnaire was prepared in the Albanian language and was additionally translated into the English, French and Italian language for Albanian and international hotel

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