Customer Satisfaction In Banking

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Abstract Purpose of the study was to study the factors affecting customer satisfaction in banking sector of Pakistan and to find the connection between service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Research of the study is quantitative and surveys research method has been used in it. Data was collected from different such as: Khairpur and Sukkur. Results of his study show that there is important correlation between service quality and attributes and customer satisfaction. It also exposed that link exist between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. With help of this study we can finish that services quality leads to happy customers and customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty. In today s’ compititative world banks…show more content…
Selected banks also recommended particular services such as VIP accounts, Ladies accounts, minor and student’s account, plus e-banking platforms such as telephone and PC banking which offer 24/7 in contact. Mostly, the development in private banking business, along with adapted services, has formed a competitive rivalry in banking sector. Customer satisfaction is the actual diamond and challenger advantage above other companies. These days’ businesses try to win for customers and customer satisfaction is an indicator of customer purchase intentions and product…show more content…
Effects of a number of demographic indicators on services loyalty were as well reported. Ahmad & Sana-ul-Allah (2011) completed that trouble-free accessibility of unused parts, easy accessibility of technicians, parts alternate, warranties and customization services have positive important impact on consumer business behavior , also economical extra parts, well-matched spare parts and services centers have unimportant impact on consumer buying behavior of vehicle consumers in Pakistan. Manufactures and importers of automobiles need to ensure trouble-free accessibility of unused parts and technicalities, parts replacements. Warranties and customization on influence customer buying intensions. Helpful relationship exists among customer satisfaction, honesty and customer loyalty. Long time achievement and status of an organization depends on customer loyalty. Customer is forever right and achievement of customer loyalty is a golden major for businesses. Gronholdt et, (2000) have created that companies with low price policy had a greatly higher loyalty than estimated from their customer satisfaction. On the other give, companies that had used a lot of power on branding definitely had a high customer satisfaction but they did not have a equally high loyalty. Although Oliver (1999) examined that compulsory

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