Hotel Customer Satisfaction

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Research has always been focused on measuring Customer Satisfaction or SERVQUAL for guest services. (C.N. Krishna Naik, Swapna Bhargavi Gantasala, Gantasala V. Prabhakar, 2010). Nowadays, the main issue for front office department is need to find out the guest’s factors on evaluate of front office service quality, in order to satisfy guests by balancing their needs and wants with the 5 dimensions. And the problems in front office service quality measurement appear from a lack of clear and measurable parameters for the determination of quality (Jasmina Gržinić, 2007). In this research need to identify the guest’s expectation level of hotel front office service quality, because front office must be satisfy the guest's desired and adequate. In…show more content…
Performance that falls below expectations makes guests dissatisfied (Kottler & Killer, 2006). In the hotel industry, satisfaction of guests is in terms of their satisfaction with the service of the Front Office department and the customer relations developed by hotel staff (Al Rousan, 2011; Parasuraman et al., 1985). In hotel industry to acquire guest satisfaction is one of the most important thing, because when the guest satisfied with the service of the hotel front office, guests will choose back to the same hotel when they having a travel, so, this can increase hotel profit. However, the concept of customer satisfaction in this model is refers to the judgment depends on the good quality of service and fitness service to the needs and wants of the guests. According to Parasuraman, guest satisfaction is the level in which expectation of a guest is met or exceeded. When the front office staff provide service to the guests, they must be able to comprehend the behavior, needs and wants of the guests. Other than that, front office staff also need to understand how to satisfy…show more content…
Other than that also can explain the tangible service quality is the hotel front office of the external environment. In addition, the general grooming of the staff also falls under the tangible aspects. This dimension is created first feeling about the company and it is important to make a positive impression on a customer as the viewpoint of author (Daniel and Berinyuy 2010, p 12).
Based on the data of (Srinivas Rao & Charan Sahu 2013, pg. 39), can notice that guest is most emphasizing on staff dresses appropriately. Example like the shirt is iron, they wear properly and so on. From here we can understand when front office staffs have a good dresses up can let guest have more confidence to them and trust them. But for the guest expectation in staffs provide the services with smile is no so important for the guests because they most focus on the grooming of staff and attractive. We can say that if front office staff has dresses appropriately can indirectly to increase guest
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